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Why you should learn Protools? WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN PROTOOLS? Saturday, July 23, 2016    Technology

I'm a laptoprocker. So I'm working inside the box. I'm an Ableton Live addict since version 2 and I hate all other DAWs. So why should I learn Protools? The answer is as simple as practical: because it is the defacto recording standard in recording studios. And if you take your music seriously you will end up in such studio sooner or later. Admitted, you can come a long way in your home studio - but to capture that perfect vocal or record that totally snappy drum riff you will need some pro grear. And most of us cannot afford that. Did I mention the sound of your room yet? Professional studios do have rooms that sound great - you don't.

So let's assume you'll find yourself in a third-party studio sooner or later. You can bet on it the engineer is using Protools. Now of course you can ask him to compile the perfect performance from the takes you've recorded together, let him export…

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