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Sonimus TuCo SONIMUS TUCO Wednesday, June 21, 2017    Technology

Back in 2011 Satson was Sonimus' first effort to bring that sweet analog desk sound to your DAW, allowing you to emulate analog summing in the digital domain. Although Sonimus's never made such claim Satson can be seen as a successful effort to mimic that famous SSL sound. Since then Sonimus have released several other quality plugins, and all of them carry that warm signature of subtle saturation. Great! Being fans of the first hour, we gladly embraced the opportunity to check out Sonimus' compressor plugin, simply dubbed TuCo.

Don't let TuCo's simple looks fool you. Based on a tube Vari-Mu design TuCo is a nifty little compressor/limiter with plenty options to tweak. Vari-Mu? Well "Mu" is tube-speak for gain. Check this article for an in-depth explanation of what a Vari-Mu compressor actually is (and learn about Opto, VCA and FET designs at the same time). Also check this video…

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