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iPad Step Sequencer: Koushion IPAD STEP SEQUENCER: KOUSHION Wednesday, July 02, 2014    Technology

Koushion is a somewhat exotic but flexible step sequencer for your iPad. Like a traditional step sequencer, Koushion lets you program note patterns that are triggered in time with a MIDI clock. Unfortunately you can't sequence MIDI controller messages in the current version, but app developer Ian Wagner is working on it.

"Regarding CC, the app currently does NOT do CC sequencing. I have received several requests to do this though, so I’m working on that right now. At the moment, it is just a note sequencer."

With 8 layers, each containing 8 scenes of 16 steps, Koushion provides flexibility and power. Each layer has customizable settings such as looping mode, MIDI channel, and musical key. As we were bit confused by what "scenes" and "layers" are, we asked Ian to clarify and how to for example play a chord.

"Sorry for the confusion. A “scene” is…

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