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A Brand New DAW(N): BITWIG A BRAND NEW DAW(N): BITWIG Friday, April 11, 2014    Technology

Bitwig is a new DAW, and after seeing some of its features all I can say is WOW!

I remember clearly when I ran into Ableton Live long time ago (version 3 at the time) and had exactly that same feeling: wow, this is something extraordinary offering new creative possibilties!

I'm still fond of Live today, but as happy I am with it - also plenty issues crept in that I feel can be done better. I realize most of these inconveniences are legacy issues, and new stuff is not always easy to implement in an existing environment. Therefore the more interesting it is to see the birth of a brand new DAW such as Bitwig built from scratch based on today's insights and possibilities.

For example: in Bitwig 3rd party plugins run in an isolated "sandbox" that won't allow your system to crash when the plugin is instable. When the pluging hangs, you can…

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