Nintendo brings Wii Music to classrooms


Nintendo's new Wii Music game is spreading from the family room to the classroom, thanks to newly formed collaborations with select schools and educators.

 Wii Music, Let Your Music Out!

To help inspire students and promote an active appreciation for music, Nintendo is working with teachers to incorporate Wii consoles and Wii Music software into their lesson plans to offer teachers a unique tool for creativity and improvisation.

Nintendo's collaborators in this effort include MENC: The National Association for Music Education, which is recognized as the world's largest arts education organization and as a teaching resource for all levels from preschool to graduate school. MENC will help teachers in 51 cities across the nation integrate Wii Music into their curricula, making use of the game's 60-plus instruments and fun array of tutorial exercises in rhythm, tempo and song structure.

The Wii console's motion-sensing controls allow Wii Music users at any experience level to step up and jam, whether playing solo or as part of a group. Using the wireless Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers, players make simple, intuitive movements to strum a guitar, play a trumpet or bang a drum. Check the full list of Wii instruments.

"Research shows that more than 82 percent of people who don't currently play a musical instrument wish they did."

"Wii Music can help address this by providing a positive introduction for millions of people who might not otherwise be inclined to try."said Joe Lamond, President & CEO of NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants.

  Wii Music