Talking about widgets


"Building a gydget is always free for an artist. We want our service to be accessible to any artist - signed or independent - for no fee."


A widget is a tiny and usually well-designed computer program that can be embedded in webpages. For instance, there are widgets that provide news updates or weather forecasts, or that serve as a calculator.

Last month we did a short topic on gydgets, fan-based widgets built to be shared among fans on social networking sites. An artist can create a (free) gydget in minutes with no coding or design expertise. A gydget can contain video, news and events, and can be customized to represent the look of the artist or band.

Seemed like an interesting marketing tool to us so we decided to contact the company behind them with some questions. Michelle Wohl (VP Marketing) was kind enough to provide us with the answers.

A gydget? Is that something like a wannahave widget? like a gadget?

"A gydget is our branded name for a viral fan widget. The feature-set has been optimized for artists and includes the ability to keep fans up-to-date on music, events and news. A widget can also include ticket links and customizable merchandise links so fans can make purchases from the widget. When you consider that thousands of fans will grab an artist's widget, you essentially have thousands of promoters across all social networks."

There weren't any wide spread music related widgets we knew of before Snocap announced their store widgets at MySpace in 2006. Since that time music

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