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Album Review: Stewart Walker – Ivory Tower Broadcast (Mundo Records)

With much lauded dancefloor-oriented albums under his belt, on this outing Walker merges folk music, shoe gaze indie and electronics and delivers a varied listening album.

  ALBUM REVIEW: STEWART WALKER - IVORY TOWER BROADCAST Tue, September 09, 2014   The album fits Walker’s enigmatic artistic persona very well. Ivory Tower Broadcast sounds like an emission from a secluded space free from generic constraints. The only track which hints to the dancefloor is Shakemaps, a rhythm track of barely three minutes. The other 11 tracks are a mixture of the above-mentioned genres.

The first (Desolation Peak) and last track (Feeling of Reeling) are an austere mix of guitar strumming and constraint noise in combination with a slowly trotting beat. Something I Can’t Remember and Rose Machine are…

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Pig & Dan Interview PIG & DAN INTERVIEW Fri, July 05, 2013  

Last year Pig&Dan looked back onto a 10 year strong career. After releasing their well received fourth studio album Decade the duo have been celebrating sixteen top hundred releases on top techno/tech house labels such as Soma, Bedrock, Cocoon and Tronic - of which five made the Beatport top ten! Looking back, the meeting of minds during a chance encounter of Igor Tchkotoua (Pig) and Dan Duncan on a flight to Spain, was the beginning of a more than successful journey. We asked Dan some ins and outs about it.

You first met on a plane in 1999. What did you talk about?

"Music of course, really that was the first thing that passed our lips ;)"

The first Pig&Dan release listed on Discogs is dated 2003. So what did you guys do in the mean time?

"We did a s*it load of producing and travelling the world…

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