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Review: Late Night Tales - Django Django

Why do I love LateNightTales? Simple answer, artists are given the opportunity to play whatever they seem fit to enter our ears and brains.

  ALBUM REVIEW: DJANGO DJANGO - LATE NIGHT TALES Mon, May 26, 2014   Leave it up to Scotland’s own Django Django to make the new LNT a worthwhile trip and treat for those open to a broad scope of musical influences and favorites. Their 2012 self-titled album is a pleasant mix of psychedelica, African (funk) rhythms and harmony singing infused with modern electronica and (for lack of a better term) “indie” reminding me of Animal Collective and Fleet Foxes.

This journey kicks off gently with an instrumental bluesy guitar piece from Leo Kottke which sets the tone immediately. Then Super Furry Animals' side project Game Love bring back the erotica…

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Jon Skinner Interview JON SKINNER INTERVIEW Tue, May 21, 2013  

Leaving footprints in the Music Industry both as a music producer and record store owner Jon Skinner first thought of a music platform that connects musicians to collaborate across the globe four years ago. The platform called Music Gateway recently launched, so jump in and checkout what it can do for you.

Can you tell a bit about yourself and the road towards starting Music Gateway?

"In summary, I love music and for me it's all about songs! Yes you can lose yourself with dance music & the right atmosphere, but you will never replace the feeling you get when you hear a great melody, song & lyric. Songs last forever and stir so many memories, there are certain records which, if you close your eyes can take you to a place you wish you could be permanently and regardless of your worries or stress can put a smile on your face :)

"As far…

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