Album Review: Fabric 72 - Rhadoo

fabric 72

Tue, December 31, 2013  

Unreleased and unheard before tracks from Romanian talents

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It's a tough job to deliver the follow up to Cassy's well received mix for Fabric, but hey - someone's got to do it! Romanian born producer/dj Rhadoo grabbed this opportunity with both hands and took the job with a smile.

Rhadoo's initial idea was to do a compilation mix for his own label which he runs with labelmates Raresh and Petre Inspirescu, but plans suddenly changed. The name of their label is [a:rpia:r] by the way. It looks like a rebus puzzle don't you think? This is exactly where the trio comes in. They say their label is to cover the missing pieces of the puzzle (as in: a dj set) so you can finally hear the whole thing. Well, something along those lines :)

This Fabric mix contains nothing but unreleased and unheard before tracks (except for one) from mainly Romanian talents including SIT, Dragosh and of course Rhadoo himself.

The first part of the mix isn't really giving the album a needed kick in the butt. It all sounds very minimal housey with some bleeps here and there. Even one Craig Richards on remix duty isn't bringing invigoration.

When Rhadoo drops his own track 'Circul Globus' as the 10th track things are starting to take effect albeit slowly... At least it brings the mix to life a little bit. 'Protocol' follows as a smooth track with soft pads which perfectly blends into 'Fast Lane 4' by Traian Chereches.

Barac's 'Frou Frou' is by far my favorite track on the album. It's groovy and has all the elements to set the tone for a dancefloor frenzy by the guys we now all know as the RPR Soundsystem.

Label mate Petre Inspirescu tops it off near the end with an inspiring remix of 'Let's Feed The Wolf' by Hungarian producer Laurine Frost. It results in a deep and tasteful sound of complex rhythms and drums. Very nicely produced.

To conclude: it's always a noble pursuit introducing new talents, and although I can appreciate all of this, I would still consider Fabric 72 to sound a bit outdated. It almost urges to take a new assessment test from the teacher, mister Villalobos.

6/10 - by Reinier Koolmees