Album Review: Fünf


Immerse yourself in the music, take in the sounds, feel the bass and let yourself go. This is music that you must feel in order to understand. This is the building speaking.


Berlin based club “Berghain”, incarnation of the former “Ostgut” club is situated in a former power plant in Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain. And that, so to say, has its influence on the music. The five year anniversary of the club is celebrated by affiliated music label Ostgut Ton with a 2CD release called “Fünf”.

To bring it straight - this is not your average club related, various artists document. Being a concept album, the artists contributing to “Fünf” had to draw inspiration from field recordings spanning the entire club building. The rule was that there was no rule. Every producer could do as they pleased with the sounds. The recordings were collected during non-party hours: resonating bottles in the cooling room, lighting racks that move around, ventilation shafts and what else? That you must ask Emika, the artist responsible for recording up to 4 gigabytes of sounds and distributing those among a whole spectrum of Berghain residents.

The result? A (mostly) dark and sometimes ghostly take on the inside of a techno temple sleeping - only short from awakening again. Doors slamming, tubes colliding, bolts turning and maybe a draft venting through cracks? I can only guess what sounds Emika came across. According to an interview she even used contact microphones to record scouring off a sex swing. It took these sounds - and the endless creativity of twenty three eager artists, to make “Fünf” the beautiful document it became.

Both CD's are a comprehensive journey into the sounds of Berghain/Ostgut Ton. Dark and

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