Album Review: Jonsson & Alter - 2


Wed, November 27, 2013  

Jonsson & Alter release sophomore album

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The follow up to the well-received debut Mod boasts a more layered and developed sound.

The main difference between Mod and 2 boils down to the production process. Mod was the accomplished result of spontaneous bedroom recording session. For 2, the Swedish duo entered to studio to record the tracks which were based on more fleshed out ideas.

This is apparent from the start. The album’s opener Lyftet (a Swedish crime novel and movie) takes in a plethora of analogue sounds resulting in a refined and relaxed start of the album. On Tribunen, the combination of piano stabs and smoky chords cunningly lure the listener into deep sonic territories.

Jonsson & Alter have a knack for churning out deep, melodic compositions. Even tracks with more pronounced beats and a rawer club sound like Jimi have a warm, almost melancholic melody. On Tuffa Sig, acid-infused techno is juxtaposed to warm Detroit influenced strings.
In the same vein lies En Melodi which is a carefully layered broken beat track. It's straightforwardness makes it a great tool. One of the standout track it’s Svalor (swallow) which merges dry beats with shimmering chords into pure sonic poetry.

Vocals are a rare thing on this album perhaps to minimize distraction from the beautiful melodies. There are some spoken words in Swedish (Tribunen) or culled from an episode of Knight Rider (Tuffa Sig). The scarcity of vocals provides ample room for singer Kazumi to take centre stage on Brevet Hem (a letter home). Her breathy vocals are in perfect harmony with the discofied, melodic track. The last track Efterfesten (Afterparty) has some indiscernible, spooky vocals and swollen organ keys.

2 is a natural progression from Mod. The focus on production and structured recording process result in a more layered and deeper sound and some of the year’s most beautiful electronic music!

8.5/10 - by Patrice Knap