Review: Peter van Hoesen - Life Performance

life performance

Tue, November 12, 2013  

Belgian techno veteran delivers a Techno masterpiece.

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Belgium native and currently residing in Berlin, techno veteran Peter van Hoesen felt a need to return to the roots of electronic music when he recorded this live album.

During a special Time to Express label night (of which he is the label owner) in techno mecca Tresor he left the laptop for what it was and decided to let the machines do the talking.

Drum machines, synths, samplers and who knows what more devices were tweaked, pushed and twisted in what led to this maelstrom of rough edged electronic rhythms, echoes, nail hard kicks and hypnotic synth patterns. Sometimes dreamlike and uplifting but never far from a dark and trance inducing tribal contortion of 909’s and 303’s all under control by their conductor Mr. van Hoesen.

The details are stunningly precise but never become too orchestrated which definitely adds to the listening pleasure. The subtle echoing percussion and unearthly sounds moving from the back to the front bouncing from the walls of a dimly lit cavern take me to other places easily. I can imagine myself being completely lost in time and space surrounded by pounding bass drums, drone like synth structures and moved by the throbbing rhythms. It is not hard to understand labels as Tresor and Ostgut Ton easily found their way to Mr. van Hoesen and this impressive display of mastering the machines which are submitted to the mind of an obviously very talented producer.

If by now you wonder why this article lacks any individual track titles, it is because in reality it feels like one long flowing track. It is out of respect for the art I talk about the whole instead of a fragment here and a fragment there. And for this reason I would advise the listener to take a moment in his / her busy life, put down the smart phone for the time being, turn off the light, put on a headphone and enter the Life Performance. All my respect for this masterpiece.

01. Azur
02. Deceive / Perform
03. Turmoil
04. Assembly

9/10 - by Martin Smith