Album Review: Reeko w/ Architectural - The Blue Album

the blue album

Fri, September 27, 2013  

'The Blue Album' takes in many shades of techno.

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Reeko w/ Architectural (aka Juan Rico) releases 'The Blue Album', a new chapter from the producer who finds himself among the elite of Hispanic techno.

First up is Blue, an icy ambient track saturated with white noise. It paints a picture of a desolate, polar landscapes where the machines wake up from hibernation and gear up to ride the technoid waves. Which they do, because Melted is a dark techno monster brimming with subdued raw energy. The sweeping bassline and howling melody remind of Planetary Assault Systems. Dualities takes the bouncy and cavernous techno route with dubby chords and sharp slabs of noise. Halfway through a stopover to have Sex on Kepler - 22B (a track which is lends its name from an extrasolar planet discovered in 2011). It’s a well-wrought combination of spacey strings, subtle beat structure and disruptive FX.

The second part shows no signs of subsiding the raw energy. Cue the grainy, loopy hard-hitting sound of Force Carriers which bears the signature of Drumcode productions. Providing some relief is The String Idea. It’s a mesmerizing krautrock excursion with swelling dubby chords. At times the sound becomes saturated with noise to subside again in deeper territories. For the penultimate track, Startling Ideas, the machines gear up once more for a tune of teutonic proportions. It’s a densely produced track with a massive bassline and abundant FX. Final stop is The Universal Idea which is where the trip becomes full circle. The machines are about to go offline which is soundtracked by a dark electronic ambiance. The eerie melody makes this track hauntingly beautiful.

The Blue Album is a versatile and layered techno album. The tracks pulse with restrained energy which results in tense, textured productions and icy ambient atmospheres.

7/10 - by Patrice Knap