Album Review: Rondenion - Luster Grand Hotel

luster grand hotel

Sun, September 15, 2013  

Rondenion (aka Goto Hirofumi) releases his debut album 'Luster Grand Hotel'

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After single releases on Rush Hour and Ragrange Records, Rondenion presents a versatile full-length of soulful deepness, hypnotic house stompers and cool, jazzy grooves.

The sound of Grand Luster Hotel can be roughly divided into the triptych of sounds mentioned above. Hypnotic house stompers are represented by tracks like Never Despair: a steamy, looped house track with an infectious organ groove. In the same vein lies Well Done which reminds me of Rush Hour artist Aardvarck. The track surges and sparkles, guitar licks add an extra dose of funk. A favourite of the house tracks is Joy, a funky and soulful track sampling Marvin Gaye. The Prince of Soul is also sampled on Memories which is a nostalgic, slowed down groove.

A track which connects the house tracks to the deeper sounds of the album is Starry Sky: a nice slab of piano house resembling the sound of fellow Japanese house outfit Bocca Grande. Further deepness comes from Babel: an atmospheric track with a sweet, emotive melody for sunset moments. And Assemblage plays the slow burning card with mid-tempo beats and a variety of strange FX for an spaced-out sound.

Representing the jazz infused sound is Moon Sniper: a warm bath of analogue sounds with Balearic guitar licks providing a feeling of timelessness. Glitter Hole is a smooth track with echoing percussion and cool sax (think Jazzmatazz on a house tip). Thousand Leaf has a late night feel courtesy of mellow trumpet, soft percussion and field recordings of nocturnal critters.

Outright favourites are hard to pick on this versatile album. The layered tracks are produced with attention to detail. And many have field recordings which enhances the organic feel of the album. For me it’s a firm favourite of the summer playlist whether dancing or relaxing!

8.5/10 - by Patrice Knap