Album Review: The Jaydes - The Jaydes (Dame Music)

the jaydes

Sat, February 08, 2014  

The Jaydes (Bloody Mary and Attan) release their eponymous debut

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The nine track album takes you back in time with punchy and concise house tracks.

The tracks on The Jaydes have an irresistible retro feel to it. This may have to do with the sole use of analogue gear. Additionally, both Bloody Mary (Marjorie Migliaccio) and Attan enjoyed their formative years with 80’s and 90’s dance music.

Most of the tracks clock under 5:30 minutes and focus on the groove. Area 89 and B.Slide take their cue from Chicago house tracks. Driving rhythms, abundant percussion and a generous dose of acid characterize both tracks. Minor Change is a nice loopy rhythm tool which rolls on (like the title suggests) without many twists and turns.

Friday Ride has a glistening melody and rolling bass line and stands out in the tracklist. It’s a welcome change to the dark, pumping warehouse tracks. Another favourite is Obsession which scores a sweetly humming bass line, spooky synths and a deadpan spoken word of Hollis P. Monroe.

Step on Light, the album’s longest track and lead single, allows more room for melody. The spaced out synth stabs will stir up any dance floor into rave frenzy. The albums swansong, Temper Control, does the same with a towering, high-pitched melody and rocking percussion.

The charm of the album is that the playlist consists of short, effective tracks which don’t muck about. The tracks don’t meander into endless tools and in doing so cunningly evade the pitfall of becoming looped and slightly boring exercises. Hear, hear to analogue gear!

8/10 - by Patrice Knap