Album Review: Watergate 15 - Mixed by Kerri Chandler

watergate 15

Thu, February 27, 2014  

The New Jersey house don presents his mix of house tracks old and new

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Kerri Chandler’s mix showcases tracks from small imprints and little known producers and chucks in two exclusives.

The mix has a flying start thanks to the soulful vocal house by Amsterdam based Detroit Swindle backed with Headless Ghost’s funky workout Basic Fire. After cruising through tracks by Huxley and No Artificial Color, check Chandler’s first exclusive Think of Something; an infectious slab of house music which really gets the fever going, building the momentum… and laying the foundation for a first peak courtesy of Fayall (Nathan Barato Edit) by Alix Alvarez.

The Chi-house track Feel It (Don’t Cha Know) which appeared on the excellent compilation Forward to the Past, brings back some melody in the mix. But there’s no time to waste ‘cause Italoboyz vs Blind Minded are here with a mad concoction of looped vocals, percussion and FX. After average tunes by Johnny D (Point of No Return) and Nu feat. Jo Ke (Who Loves the Sun), there’s a second peak with the aptly named Madness (D’Julz). This is backed by the chord driven Mama (Chandler’s second exclusive) which keeps the mix rolling nicely!

Stand-out track of the latter part is U Know, U Know (by Real Cool): sunny chords and disco bleeps a go-go! And after that it’s a more straight-forward affair with Parisian DJ W!ld and Shonky’s dreamy house track Le Velour as closing track.

It’s always hard to condense a DJ-gig in a single hour mix. Unfortunately this effort remains too much on the safe side, a little more adventurous angle could have done wonders.

But Watergate 15 is a live mix and that’s a rare thing nowadays, kudos for that!

7.5/10 - by Patrice Knap