Âme, bringing back the soul


We talked to one half of the duo that created one of the hottest underground dance tunes of the year!


Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, together forming the duo Âme, were responsible for one of last years biggest underground club hits. Their track 'Rej' was played by everyone, from Pete Tong to Erick Morillo, and Laurent Garnier to FK. We talked to Frank Wiedemann about what some consider the "Plastic Dreams" of the new Millennium.

Âme, some people say it's French for "Soul", while others say it means "Mother Love" in Japanese. (edit: someone e-mailed us and said it means 'Rain'). What does it really mean?

"French for "soul" was maybe the first idea behind it and to be honest, I never heard about this "Mother Love" story but I like that ;-)"

"Rej" was absolutely one of the hottest tunes of the year. How was it made and come to live?

"Originally we did a completely other track from which we only kept the arpeggio as main theme and built the whole track around this. We did it like we've done all other tracks but we never thought that it would be that big but ... ok. Maybe it's because it's something like a hybrid."

A new live and full orchestral version of "Rej" was recorded by the Japanese band "A Hundred Birds". How did that project came about?

"It was organised by Defected who licenced the track from Sonar Kollektiv and we are really happy about this version. It's so amazing that an orchestra plays your tracks."

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