Auditorium, an Audio Visual Journey


Auditorium is a captivating game of discovery and play that takes you on a visual and audio journey. Solve puzzles to create a symphony!


Based on the popular online flash game from developer Cipher Prime, Auditorium is a captivating game of discovery and play that takes players on a visual and audio journey. Players will manipulate a constant stream of tiny moving light and sound particles as they guide their flow into Audio Containers to create harmony and unleash an orchestrated soundtrack.

A fascinating sensory experience, Auditorium seamlessly mixes audio and graphics with creative and challenging gameplay. Players will explore and use their intuition as they come across obstacles that can help or hinder their gameplay depending on how they choose to manipulate the light and sound particles.

In the game, players can also change the speed and direction of particles they encounter to create musical harmony while various controls allow players to modify trajectory and timing, and control acceleration of the flow to quickly fill containers and create a symphonic masterpiece.

Auditorium, the award-winning music puzzle game of an indie game development competition, will be released on November 2, 2010 for the PlayStation Network and Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Try the demo on the Auditorium website. The game is alreadyavailable for the iPhone platform.