A new day for Calendar Girl


In October 2006 Calender Girl started a remix project that could only live online as people joined the project as listeners and collaborators.


"I write a song. You remix. We make a record." Those were the words we stumbled upon at the Calendar Songs website sometime last year. Starting October 2006 'Calendar Girl' Tamara Barnett-Herrin wrote and recorded a new song each and every month for people to remix. The idea was to have a record made at the end of 12 months. But who knows what can happen in a year? With the CD due out end of April Tamara gives us some clues.

What's the current status of the remix record? Will it be a CD?

"It will be a CD and a download. The mastering has taken longer than I thought, so we are now looking at a release in the week of the 22 April. Now that we have got this far we might as well make the record as good as it can be!

"The past months I’ve been making changes to the remixes I’ve chosen, I’ve been talking to each of the remixers so they could make changes if they wanted to, and I added backing vocals and stuff like that."

How did you come up with the idea of a remix project with the format such as calender girl?

"I’ve always found the concept of the remix very exciting, and I wanted to try something different. At the time I was interested in making a website for my music, and I was becoming frustrated with the process of making demos that were never quite ‘finished’. In the back of my mind I had this idea of a kind of game of inviting people to remix my songs and then post them back to me, and after a while I realised I should make a website just with that idea, and write new songs just for that project.

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