China Girl: Sa Dingding


"Freedom is the first thing I learnt from Music. Music is my life, like eating and sleeping..."


Born in Mongolia to a Mongolian mother and a Chinese father, Sa Dingding beautifully combines traditional Chinese folk music with Western electronica and influences of Classical and Soul music. The result is a powerful, sophisticated sound that is hard to ignore. Music you've never heard before. Ethereal, escapist and eclectic at the same time.

If not singing in Mandarin or Tibetan, she sings in Sanskrit and the near-extinct Lagu language. She even sings in an entirely self-created language. Proclaimed China's best Dance music singer, she sold over two million albums in South-East Asia and is signed to Universal to conquer Europe next.

With her unmistakable unique voice and distinctive musical vision, Sa Dingding represents an original creative passion affected by ethnic diversity and shaped by a modern China. If she were singing in English, Sa Dingding might already be a global superstar. Is she the first World music diva? We asked her about beauty and endurance.

Once a Taiwanese friend explained to me the difference between people from the East and the West in just three words. "We can endure," he told me, "edurance is rooted in Chinese culture and tradition since centuries." Would you agree to that?

"I have never thought about this before but I suppose it makes sense. We do have a sense of endurance but I don’t know if it is different to the west!"

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