Denis A Remix Contest


Moscow’s rising star is making its mark around the globe with each new release. Remix his track Heroin in our new remix contest.


Moscow’s rising star is making its mark around the globe with each new release. Denis Alentieff became Denis A in 2007, when he proved himself as a highly talented DJ at a party in Moscow alongside American DJ star, Christopher Lawrence. Ever since, Denis A is continuing to blur the boundaries between genres via progressive, techno, deep dub and minimal influences.

When we first heard Denis' Dark EP last December, we were immediately hooked by the atmosphere of the track Heroin. Heroin is most certainly not a downer in this incarnation, more of a pure peak time euphoric progressive future classic. We considered it a perfect track to remix and asked Denis if we could use it for our next contest and he agreed.

Can you tell how you got involved with djing and producing in the first place?
"I got into djing absolutely by chance. One time, I arrived at one of my friend's private parties. There was special equipment, but there was neither a DJ - nor any records to play. So I brought some music from my car, and simply started swapping tracks. Naturally, I did not think to dub and mix the tracks, but the process carried me away. I did not realize that it would totally absorb me, but the next morning I went to a specialized DJ shop, and called up a sales assistant to advise me on the best gear possible. The price was very high! When the guy found out that I could not play at all, he looked at me as if I were an absolute idiot!

"When I left the shop with burning eyes, I asked him how long it would take me to learn to play and become a DJ. He once again looked at me and said, “At some point, or maybe even never!” His remark outright angered me, but now we are good friends. Learning to play took me 5-8 hours of practice every day, but I never took notice of time.

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