Umek talks about new album!


"The first album didn't make it and so it's still on my computer. It will never come out. It looks like the 2nd one is about to face the same destiny, but 3 is a lucky number."


Uroš Umek, better known as DJ Umek or simply Umek, is a Slovenian dance-music composer and DJ who began DJing in 1993 at the age of 17. Internationally acclaimed as a DJ and producer today, Umek was amongst the pioneers of the electronic music in Slovenia back then. His many releases on labels such as Recycled Loops, Consumer Recreation and Astrodisco, have defined the “Slovenian techno sound” and secured Umek’s position in the global club scene.

Although he's been seducing the masses with his own blend of techno for more than a decade, and despite many rumours Umek still hasn´t released an artist album following his 2002 debut album Neuro! There's been some talk about a live band too. We asked him about it, amongst some other things we were keen to learn. He's a master remixer!

What makes a real good remix stand apart from the bad ones?

"Hm, let me think. I always try to focus on the interesting parts of the track and then use these sounds in my remix of the track. Before I start, I always make sure that I like the original version. It doesn't have to be from a big name, it can be from a totally unknown producer, as long as it includes interesting elements, which I then use in my own version. I would certainly say no to a big name track, if I thought that I can't do anything interesting with it.''

Are there any remixes you've done in the past you now regret?

''I need to check my discography hehehe. Yes, there are at least 5 remixes I wish I would have done better, but at the time they sounded good.''

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