Interview: DJ Dara


'My personal approach to DJing has always been to try and incorporate all the styles of DnB into a set in order to make each tune stand out'.


The distinguished heavyweights of Drum and Bass are at it again! AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy and their trusty companion MC Messinian are back in action, rolling out the ‘Planet of the Drums’ tour 2007! These guys are one of the main reasons that the drum ‘n’ bass scene in North America is able to continue on. ‘Planet of the Drums’ is celebrating its eighth edition this year and we found Dara willing to tell us everything about it.

At clubs and dance music festivals you'll hardly see a Drum 'n Bass act programmed for the Main stage. Yet the "Planet of the Drums" tour - running for eight years now - is an all DnB event. Still it is sort of one of a kind. Why is that? Is it lack of success in the genre or are promoters just blind?

"I don’t really think it’s true to say we are the only ones to perform main stage / main floor. Granted, trance and house tend to dominate, but there are weekly DnB parties all over the country and have been for many years. Also, if you go to any major event such as Ultra in Miami or EDC in LA there is a massive DnB area with proper sound & lighting. That’s a major improvement on how it was in the early years. At the end of the day four to the floor music is easier to grasp than DnB for someone who is new to electronic music. The groove is more obvious but I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. DnB takes more work for people to get their head around and that is too much work for some, unfortunately."

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