Interview: Joachim Garraud


Remix rule no.1 is to respect the original. Rule number 2: Just try to go in your own direction.


If you don't know Joachim Garraud from the Space Invader mascot he's using, there's a fair chance you do know him from the music he's done with David Guetta.

Born in Nantes (France) in 1968, Garraud started his career as a DJ at the Boy, the first Parisian club to play house music, at the age of 20. Being a pioneer of electronic music, he created his own recording studio in the middle of Paris with Jean-Charles Carré. The studio's success allowed him to remix, compose or take the role as producer for artists such as David Guetta, Jean-Michel Jarre, Paul Johnson, Deep Dish, David Bowie, OMD, Kylie Minogue, Mylène Farmer, Cassius, Ceronne, Moby, Robbie Rivera and many more.

Being a classically trained piano player, Joachim blends Deejaying and musical improvisation, giving true concerts at his performances. This approach has given him the opportunity to perform all over the World.

Despite this success it took him till 2007 before he released his debut album "Invasion" as CD-on-demand project in 2007. He's now behind the decks of Toolroom's most recent compilation released this August. Plenty of reason to get to know him better.

You've been tremendous successful as a remixer. Why do you think that is?

"When I work on a remix I always try to respect the original and put my sound and thoughts to it. I always have people dancing in my mind too - I try to optimise the sound, to make people dance and I think these are good attributes to have when you are a remixer."

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