Fri, July 03, 2009  
According to BBC News, Kraftwerk played a two-hour set to open the Manchester International Festival last Thursday, 2nd of July. The German godfathers of electronica were joined by four British gold medal-winning Olympic cyclists riding in the stadium.

"I think I died and went to heaven when the cyclists came out for Tour De France. That's the best track and action I've ever seen working together - it's my gig of the year," said a fan.

Composer Steve Reich was also in attendance because he opened the show with the premiere of his new work 2x5 and said: "When I heard Autobahn, it reminded me of the world I was living in, in the 1970's. It was the beginning of people doing repetitive music and I guess in rock 'n' roll, Kraftwerk were an extreme example of that, very deadpan."

  Kraftwerk / BBC News


Kraftwerk performing Tour De France
Live at Velodrome 2009, Manchester UK