Pete Tong wants your Demo!


Just before he left for his US tour, we had a quick chat with Pete Tong. He wants your demo and wonders if dance music could turn music giant EMI around.


By hosting the 'Essential Mix' and 'Essential Selection' radio shows on BBC One alone, Pete Tong is known worldwide by electronic music music lovers. As a DJ, Pete has graced the decks of the best clubs and festivals worldwide. Holding residency at the Pacha nightclub in Ibiza from 2003 to 2007, he drew people from all over the world to the 'Pure Pacha' nights. As a music industry innovator,Tong took the world of Podcasts by storm with the 'Tongcast' in 2005. His success as a broadcaster, clubland DJ and music industry tastemaker lies in his ability to create a balance between credibility and commerciality. Today, it's just imposible to name one relevant dance music event Pete Tong hasn't been involved with one way or another.

Always busy bringing top-notch entertainment to the world, Pete is about to start a short US club and festival tour. We had a chat with him just before he left.

You've toured the globe frequently the past decade, and will kickoff a new US tour this Monday. What do you expect to be different this time?

"The North American dance and electronic scene has been up and down over the past 20 years, at times the envy of the world and at others frustrating as progress was snuffed out. However the last few years have been very positive. There are more clubs in more cities than ever before and the music is creeping back on the radio. I'm really looking forward to this tour, America is one of the only places on the planet where you can find a place to play 7 days a week. The festival scene in particular is unbelievable. I can't wait to get back to Monster Massive in LA."

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