Riva Starr “Batería Fantástica”


Tue, April 24, 2012  
Italian producer Riva Starr cooks up a mix of South American flavored tracks all exclusively produced for this sun-drenched compilation.


Snatch Records' WMC 2012 compilation "Batería Fantástica" lend its name from the Brazilian compilations named A Fantástica Bateria. These albums, released in the 1970’s, feature local Brazilian drum bands (Baterías) that participate in the annual samba school parades.

Following 3 Batería Fantástica EPs released prior to this album, Italian producer Riva Starr cooks up a one hour DJ-mix of the individual tracks.

Riva Starr called in the help of his favorite producers and presents a sequence of sun-drenched, percussive tracks with South American references. Los Olvidados by Dutch producers 2000 and One & DJ Madskillz has a catching Spanish vocal snippet. Caipiroska by Carl Cox & Jon Rundell is a nice track (and a tasty drink).

Other tracks sample South American traditional songs, for example Negrito Ven by Aldo Cadiz. A little further in the mix there’s a track called Bada Pre Good which reworks Kaoma’s 1990 track Lambada (which in turn is based on the Bolivian track Saya). One track (Oye Mulata) is even credited to Colombian singer Totó La Momposina (who also features on the 2009 smash hit La Mezcla by Michel Cleis).

Despite the fact that most productions on Batería Fantástica lack originality, the sequence of tracks is well-chosen and the individual tracks should heighten the festive atmosphere of this Summer’s parties.

6/10 - Patrice Knap

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