Rock Band - New Details Revealed


Good times for rocking rhythm-action gamers. New details revealed about this amazing four-player online game. Now including Laptoprocker feature?

 click image for a page scan showing Rockband‘s tools: drums, guitar and microphone!

New details have been leaked onto the internet about Harmonix's Rock Band, the four-player interactive online game that lets you jam with other players over the internet to form a band.

Rock Band is a collaboration between Harmonix, Electronic Arts, MTV and the music industry's largest record labels and publishers. MTV is supplying creative and financial support to Rock Band's development, as well as helping make deals with the various music publishers.

Rock Band will be played with four instrument-based video game controllers: two guitars (lead and bass), a drum kit and a microphone (which can also be used as a tambourine). If you own a Guitar Hero II controller for your Xbox 360 you're lucky. It will be compatible with Rock Band.

Rock Band will be released for Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) later this year. A Nintendo Wii version, a cellphone version and support for other platforms are expected in the near future.

The music game phenomenon doesn't stop with Guitar Hero. It's a good time for rocking rhythm-action gamers!!!

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