Satoshi Tomiie - Interview


"It is always interesting how ideas 'translate' into actual sound. There are particular notes and tones in my head but a lot of time it's an abstract image."

 photo by Hyunwon

Since his seminal hit with Frankie Knuckles "Tears" back in 1989, Satoshi Tomiie's career set off when he became a major part of the acclaimed Def Mix crew. Being a classically trained musician, he used his talents in the early years of his career to write, program and produce some of the biggest classic house records ever. Satoshi also has remixed and worked with the likes of Photek, Kosheen, Simply Red, David Bowie, U2 and Mariah Carey, just to name a few.

In 2000, Satoshi Tomiie launched his own label "Saw Recordings" as a platform from which he would be able to showcase ideas and creativity that are more experimental. Taking its name from a sound wave, Saw released over 75 singles to date - along with 7 albums, from artists such as Guy Gerber, Nathan Fake, Lexicon Avenue and of course himself.

The last few years have been all about DJing for Satoshi. This Japanese New Yorker has been virtually everywhere you can think of in the past few years. With the release of his track 'Back to basics' earlier this year we felt he's back to the roots of music making, and asked him about it and more.

'Back to basics' is a beauty of a track in its simplicity with a strong groove. What gave you the inspiration for the track?

"Many things - but mainly it's about revisiting my root influences with my current musical style and groove. The influences I have got in the early days of house music is a part of the foundation of musical style, taste etc."

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