Album Review: tINI- Tessa


Sat, November 12, 2011  
With a focus on the groove plus clear and spacious production, tINI's debut album is a fitting representation of the relaxed atmosphere you can find on Ibiza.


With her debut album Tessa, Berlin based DJ/producer tINI delivers a musical document based on her Ibiza travels. Called after a good friend who supported her transformation as a musician, the record documents tINI’s stay on the island during the summer of 2010. The result is a groove-oriented record using voice recordings from people she met on the spot. Tessa is a fitting representation of the relaxed atmosphere still present on some parts of the island.

During the last couple of years tINI’s fame has been rising steadily. The main reason for this is her electrifying DJ style, which has landed her residencies at London’s Fuse and Ibiza’s Ushuaia. After being discovered by Loco Dice during a gig in her former hometown of Munich, she became a member of the Desolat family in 2009 delivering a track (That’s Right) for the Desolat X Sampler and remixing Que Cara E Essa by label mate Manon.

It should be noted that tINI doesn’t follow the commercial, big room techno angle as heard in most of Ibiza's biggest clubs. Au contraire, Tessa  is an album filled with spacious, groove-oriented house sounding like early Perlon and Playhouse releases. A good example of the album’s aesthetics is the track Mine Has A Shower: off-kilter rhythm patterns, a wobbly bass and a shimmering melody provide a relaxed and laid back groove, perfect for partying at one of the island secluded spots.

On other tracks, a funky organ riff (My Shine) or a faint, almost subliminal melody (Triptease) provide some color, but in such a subtle way that the melody remains subordinate to the beat. An exception is the penultimate track Fail Better which sounds little bit fatter and has chords and vocals reminding me of Art Department.

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