Watergate 14 – Mathias Kaden


Fri, October 04, 2013  

It swings, it bounces, it jacks and doesn’t stop

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Red thread throughout the whole trip is House, yes House, with a capital H. It swings, it bounces, it jacks and doesn’t stop.

East-Germany born veteran DJ/producer Mathias Kaden has been going strong for 16 years now and has played gigs all over the world including Time Warp, Fabric and Cocoon Amnesia. He has released his own productions on renowned labels such as Freude-am-tanzen and Vakant. And the good news is that he’s still going strong of which the new Watergate mix release is living proof.

Watergat 14 swings, bounces, jacks and doesn’t stop. Warm blooded (DJ Koze feat. Apparat – Nices wölkchen), piano magic funk (Audio Werner – Ever) and bass heavy straight beauties (Daze Maxim – Farbfilm.) It’s all there and mixed seamlessly (in whatever way) to make them hips swirl uncontrollably and continuously.

Somewhere halfway the tempo is increased a notch and Motorcity drum ensemble effectively rocks the floor with SP 11 and Roman Flügel dropping the fattest track of this set with More More More which is basically a stomping 909, hi-hat, and an infectiously fun synth loop. Bringing back the warmth and not taking down the tempo is perfect (Kink and Marc Romboy – Delusions of the Enemy) and a nice intro for the man himself setting down another lovely piano based house track taking me back to the days I was too young for to be part of (Mathias Kaden – Fin.) Luckily our man here knows the classic sound and has a huge fondness for it so it seems. The story ends with Daniel Stefanik in a laid back mood (Distillery.)

And so ends a strong mix with a big house feeling, no real surprises but a long lasting smile nonetheless.

7.5/10 - by Martin Smith www.mixcloud.com