Wave Trip - Music Game for iPad and iPhone


Creating original levels in this new music game for iPad is like remixing electronic music. Hit it!!!


After their award winning music game Pugs Luv Beats, the people of Lucky Frame are back with their latest project: Wave Trip.

This game combines high-quality music generation with super-fun gameplay. It's like enjoying a video game and creating music at the same time. While your character travels through worlds of unimaginable beauty and danger you will be saving her friends through the medium of awesome tunes :)

The structure of the levels is inspired by traditional music sequencers, and remixing and creating an original level is very similar to writing a piece of electronic music.

Just hit the link below and watch the Wave Trip teaser video and see it for yourself. If you want to play Wave Trip for iOS go to the App Store as it's now available.

  Wave Trip Teaser