Wed, March 26, 2008  

"I remember I’d been listening to the Pete Seeger/Bruce Springsteen record and I was thinking I’d make the project topical – so each month I would write a song about that month. But writing songs about world events is very hard to get right! I tried a couple of times and they were way too on-the-nose, too direct. So I made the songs a bit more mysterious, kind of about the month I had spent, or things I’d seen, visits I’d made.

"Writing one song a month and being quite strict with myself, writing ‘rules’ I pledged to follow, that was like a skeleton I could hang the remix idea from, and then hopefully bring people back each month to hear what kind of song I’d written, and of course, to listen to all the different remixes. Once I’d had the basic idea it was very quick and easy to put together. And it was the best feeling, hearing the infinite mutations and interpretations of people’s mixes. There is a magic to the idea that you can throw something into the dark and someone will throw it back to you, and it’s a little different, maybe better, too!"

Did it take a long time before the site got picked up and people started sending remixes?

"It took a couple of months. The breakthrough was when I started posting the A Cappellas of the songs on ccmixter. There is an amazing community of talent at that site. It immediately got me a lot of great remixes and feedback."

How many remixes did you receive?

"As of today there are over 300 mixes on the site and they are still coming!"

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