Mijk van Dijk in Control


Mon, November 13, 2006  
Mijk van Dijk, who has been on the forefront of the Electronic Dance Music scene since the very beginning, talks about humans with 10 fat fingers.


"I still have a lot of hardware that I really do not touch anymore, like rack synth expanders. Again we experience, that really unique things (like special electronic instruments) will stay forever and the not-so-unique sound boxes are gonna be abandoned on the cemetery of history."

You were one of the first to work with the Ableton Live software. Have you used more software like that before? What's your first reaction and how do you use it now?

"I first used it for my work on "Decade - The Mix", a kind of Bastard-Pop-Mash-Up-mix-CD. I mixed over 70 sound snippets of the whole back catalogue of Superstition Records into a 74 minutes mix of constant music, layering beats and basslines, sythns and vocals, to create new music with existing elements rather than beat-mixing 2 tracks into each other. This could have never been done without Ableton Live and I discovered the whole potential of the application and fell in love with its handling and possibilities. Now, with the latest version including MIDI, I have not many more things to ask for."

You scored music for several video games. One of them is the soundtrack of the legendary manga movie "Ghost in the Shell". The movie is about "Cyberpunks" and "Ghosthacking", breaking into and taking control of human minds.

What will the future bring for producers when it comes to technology you think?

"Now we finally have software plug-ins that sound well and we have the CPU speed to really take advantage of them. Next step must be the interactivity of the human and the computer. I guess that the devices for music production will become smaller and smaller. Focus is on the User Interface. In a couple of years a mobile phone might have a powerful CPU like today's most advanced computers.

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