A new day for Calendar Girl


In October 2006 Calender Girl started a remix project that could only live online as people joined the project as listeners and collaborators.


You release the record by yourself. Wasn't there any interest from record labels?

"I thought about it, and there are lots of great labels out there, but in the end it seems more in keeping with the project to release it myself - it’s not hard to do. Then it’s like, the whole project lives here on the site where you can see how it started and listen to all the remixes and buy the finished product if you want to and I don't think it's worth waiting for a label to find out about this project.

"It's better for me to carry on the momentum I've got going and put this record out myself. If a label wanted to get involved further down the line that would be great of course, but right now I know I can release this record and immediately get it to the people who've come to the website. Direct to the fans, the best way!"

Anything else you want to say?

"Just to say how much fun it’s been for me, and how I’d really recommend it to anyone else. There’s a lot of talented people out there and now there’s an easy way for people to collaborate outside of restrictive commercial systems. It’s a new day!"

Checkout the Calendar Songs website for all the remixes including the ones that made it to the record. The CD versions are not be the same as the ones streaming on the site. The winning songs have been improved, some have added backing vocals and of course mastering can make a big difference too.

And yes, if this release goes well Tamara may indeed undertake another round for a second CD!
Lots of love from Calendar Girl.

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