Mon, August 27, 2007  

Video synchronized to the music was the first addition. Kasten had already created video for this purpose, and Sarah Weinstock edited that to the songs along with some of her own original work with smoke, light, and fiber optics, and tornado footage by Extreme Instability. With her editing, she convinced these beautiful, bizarre images to dance behind us.

"I also wanted it to be an authentic musical performance. From seeing other electronic acts, I knew how good it felt to incorporate a live drummer. I'd been playing alongside Grant Fletcher for a couple of years at drum nights where he and others would improvise on percussion and I would create a bed of noise and samples. I loved his sound, and with his improvisational skill I knew he could accompany us. So Grant played his personal drum set of rare, prototype and otherwise hard to find pieces. It was uncanny how well it blended in and gave the electronics the organic feel I was looking for.

"And Katya Castronovo played her black electric violin. I think that bowed string instruments lend an epic air that drives up the emotional intensity of nearly any song. I'd already incorporated some sampled strings into lacunae songs, and I wanted to humanize that sound for the live show.

"My Thinkpad laptop played the remaining synths, samples, and served as a vocoder. It also served video to Skullys' 18' projector screen behind us.

"For software I used Ableton Live 6 both for audio and video output, and we piped in Kasten via Skype for live video. I also conducted, throwing hand signals for changes and keeping time for Katya and Grant. I actually learned to read the waveforms of my songs as they scrolled by in Ableton!

"The laptop worked very well with just two glitches, neither of which stopped the show. There was a skip in a later song, but it was during a breakdown so it wasn't that noticeable, and Grant and Katya covered for it nicely. Thank you, lovely live musicians! And Skype seems to have disabled my mic input/vocoder in the final song. Katya and Grant did an amazing job of interpreting the emotions and intensity of this album into live music, and I hope we can do this again soon."

What can we expect from Lacunae in the future?

"You can expect a new album within a year or so. Kasten has already recorded vocals, Arson has worked on them for a while now, and has also told me he is going to be mining his own tape archives of audio experiments for this round.

"There has been a general trend in our music to become more aggressive, and I'm positive that's going to continue. I've been really enjoying dirty, discordant electro-dance sounds lately, so we'll see how that leaks into things.

"And you can expect more live shows."

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