Pete Tong wants your Demo!


Sun, October 25, 2009  
Just before he left for his US tour, we had a quick chat with Pete Tong. He wants your demo and wonders if dance music could turn music giant EMI around.


"You won't catch me saying this life is boring. Often the 'legend' is better than the reality in our business but it still a fantastic way to earn a living. Having a stalker is probably the most scary scenario. Some people can be very very intrusive if they get their claws into you. It's the dark side of being a public figure."

With the music industry already in distress for a couple of years, the financial crisis only made things worse. Is the dance music scene/industry also facing a difficult time or is it business as usual?

"Although the world recession has had an affect on ticket sales in Europe this summer, I think the dance business experienced its own financial crisis a few years before the Lehman Brothers collapse. Certainly from the point of view of the record business as it was.

"I think we are through the other side of that now. The dance and electronic labels have adapted well to the new financial reality and we have some success stories to celebrate in David Guetta and Deadmau5, both with EMI - a label that was in more trouble than the other majors! Could dance music turn this giant around?"

Dance music saving the music industry? That would be a surprising outcome!

But never say never - Mr. Tong definitely knows what he's talking about! So if you happen to be around at one of Pete's US shows (dates at the link below) don't hesitate to grab your chance and hand over your demos.

Who knows you'll be part of the biggest change yet to come!

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