Bonus Prize - Eddie The Gun Remixcomp


Our remix contest now comes with a very tasty bonus prize. In addition of getting their remix released, three winners can submit one original track to be considered for a separate release.


Here's some great news concerning our remix contest in collaboration with Slanted Black Records for Eddie the Gun's track "Don't be Afraid." Given the feedback we got so far, it's only fair to conclude this is going to be a great contest with great participants. While we discussed this with Craig Mitchell (Slanted Black's label manager) over the weekend, he spontaneously came up with a very promising idea.

"Why not ask the three winners to also submit one of their own tracks for consideration of release on a special Laptoprockers EP containing their original tracks, in addition to the Remix EP? This way, participants not only have the chance to display their remix talents through the contest, but also can showcase their production skills with their own tracks."

We didn't have to think twice and immediately pinned Craig down ;) So we're happy to announce we have added a very tasty bonus prize to the prize pool, which by the way contains plenty of great music software and goodies already!

In addition of getting their remix released on the "Don't Be Afraid" Remix EP, the three winners can submit one original track for consideration to be included on a special "Laptoprockers EP" on Slanted Black Records.

Good luck everyone! With over a month to go from now there's still plenty of time to get your creative juices flowing! Don't be Afraid!

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