Remix Calendar Girl


Sun, September 30, 2007  
During the past year 'Calendar Girl' Tamara Barnett-Herrin wrote a new Calendar Song for you to remix each and every month.


Calendar Girl (Tamara Barnett-Herrin) lives and works in London where her disco alter-ego is a vocalist for big fun funkateers Freeform Five. In October 2006 she started a remix project that could only live online as people joined the project as listeners and collaborators.

During the past year 'Calendar Girl' Tamara wrote and recorded a new Calendar Song each and every month. A Calendar Song isn't ‘just a song she wrote in a certain month. Each of them is inspired by the unique nature of that month. Tamara only used the equipment at her disposal: a piano, a microphone and a computer. All Calendar Songs consist of a vocal and a simple backing track, available for download as separate files. All songs are published as MP3 files under a Creative Commons license for others to remix, re-edit, and re-fit in any music style or genre. Remixers must upload their tracks to the Calender Song website for others to listen to.

Right now there are over 160 remixes on-line, each of them commented by Tamara herself! "The idea was to have a record made at the end of 12 months. We're now at the end of the project with the last song posted today!"

Whether you want to give the last song a go, or just listen some great tunes - Calendar Songs is worth the visit! Checkout those vocal samples!

About the record and deadline for your submissions Tamara said, "Over the next month I'll be finalising the tracklisting for the record, but as I don't yet have a confirmed release date there's always chance of a late entry, photo-finish!"