Sat, March 31, 2012  
Named after Ian Fleming's first Bond novel, the band Casino Royale have been making music out of Italy since 1987. Known for English sung ska and reggae tracks, Casino Royale also experimented with trip hop and acid jazz. Their 16 full length albums witnesses an impressive career.

Released by Universal Music Italy last Summer, "VIVI" is an Italian sung vocal electro track with a classic pop vibe. Seeking a remix for an upcoming vinyl release, Casino Royale made the track subject to a remix contest.

To participate in the official Remix Contest for "VIVI," just download the stems from the link below and create your own remix of the track.

Deadline to upload your remix is 30th of April 2012.

The remix contest of "VIVI" is open to everybody. The best remix, chosen by Casino Royale, will be published in the limited edition vinyl VIVI-remixed due to be released next May.