Mon, March 08, 2010  

It took a while to figure out the winners for our Eat Static remix contest, but everything is now settled. As always, we've asked the original band to comment on their favourite remixes and pick the winner. Since we had two tracks in this contest, we've asked Eat Static's Merv Pepler to provide us with his personal top-5 for each remix track. This is what he came up with :)

"Hi folks! Many thanks for all your weird and wonderful creations! It’s always interesting to hear what other people would do with your own sounds and so I sat there waiting in anticipation.

"Now, how do I judge a remix? A remix for me, and how I still approach them today, should be able to tell a story in its own right, as well as capturing the sound of the band that you are remixing. It should also have your character in it, a part of your own soul - but it should still stay cohesive!

"I started with 'Sin Quest,' and I must say, I was a bit disappointed initially - as a lot of them sounded like jumbled up versions of my own original. Indeed, someone even put my own version in for judging! (hoping I wouldn’t spot it??). He has since come forward and pointed out that he had sent the wrong one! (made us all chuckle though!).

"As I went on through the list, my spirits were lifted and the quality went up, and then I got to the ‘Up Periscope’ mixes and the general standard of quality and imagination were a lot better for this tune. And there were only half the amount than the Sin Quest one! So, because of this, I am slightly altering the initial rules that those good folks at Laptoprockers told me, and I am giving you the six best Periscope mixes and the best four remixes of Sin Quest. To be honest, it was really difficult getting the Periscope tunes down to five as - like I said, the standard was a lot higher. Here are my votes."

Sin Quest top-4:
1. Cortex Remix (008)
"A twisty, windy tough dancefloor version. If you were gonna go for a trance remix, it had to be a good one - this fits the bill!"
2. Nebula Meltdown (038)
"Really like the way my samples have been used in this one, cut up and gated and re-sequenced. And it has a good driving energy to it."
3. Sporophore (028)
"This reminded me of all the draughty tents at free parties in the 90’s, in fields in the English countryside, dancing to stay warm!"
4. Aya Remix (042)
"Nice production and a nice cheesy rave aspect to it!"

Mr Pepler's comments on his favourite Up Periscope remixes are on the next page.

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