Quantazelle Remix Contest


To launch her free sample library, Quantazelle is throwing a contest. She hopes her samples will inspire you to make a cool track. Need say more?


Quantazelle (Liz McLean Knight) is making electronic music totally in Ableton Live. Over the years, the Chicago based musician recorded a bunch of samples, and less than a fourth have actually made into her tracks. Hoping her samples may inspire others, Liz decided to release them to the world. To launch her free sample library, she's throwing a contest.

"I’ve dropped fancy objects, slammed doors, sang random things, banged on wine glasses, swirled a microphone in front of a speaker, made funny mouth sounds, got sketchy looks from the garbage men as I stood there with a microphone while they collected the trash, recorded the sound of opening JPGs in a wave editor, pushed envelopes where they shouldn’t go, recorded my friends talking about music and much much more.

"I realized, while making new tracks, that I have this crazy huge sample library, and it’s a shame that it’s not being put to use. So, I’m releasing it to the world, and I hope it does something amazing for someone, somewhere."

Liz is also immersed in technology and fashion, and turns electronic components into elegant jewelry which she sells on-line.

So the makers of the three best tracks will not only win a CD with Quantazelle's music, but also a Gift Certificate to her webstore Fractalspin.com.

Deadline is May 20, 2010.

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