Remix Empire State Human


Remix Empire State Human's new track "Melancholic Afro". Made with former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür.


Based in Dublin/Ireland, Empire State Human are vocalist Aidan Casserly and keyboard players Seán Barron and Lar Kiernan. They create a combination of analogue and digital synth sounds, mixed with driving rhythms and overlaid with strong pop vocal melodies. Electronic music with a retro electro edge. In 2004 they had a number one in the US iTunes dance charts and only recently they've finished their sixth studio album "Audio Gothic", which is due out on CD in February. One of the album tracks (Melancholic Afro) is a collaboration with former Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flür. He was responsible for the beats on the legendary Kraftwerk album "Autobahn". Wolfgang created the backbeats and some catchy vocal lines for "Melancholic Afro". Nice? Soon you can go krafty yourself! "Melancholic Afro" will be up for you to remix next week here at Laptoprockers. Cool or what? Read all about it below.

You picked a Human League song title as band name?

"Well, we started the band back in 1999, when being a synth band was more like musical suicide! We toyed with a number of other band names but there was a very strong attraction to Empire State Human as a name. It is a larger than life type of name, which we hoped would help stimulate us. It fit in with the full 'synth meets pop' and 'sci-fi genre' we wanted to create. We recorded a debut album called "Martian Anthems" which we put up at that was spotted by some US labels on the advice of the 80s band Alphaville's Manager. We've since noted that Ladytron are named after a Roxy Music track and that it is possible for us to be as unique as we could without being too derivative of The Human League.

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