Ryder Remix Contest


Remix her indie pop track "Pretty Little Gangster". If Ryder likes your remix you could win some killer prizes.


Skiomusic teamed up with tomorrow's indie pop star Ryder for a challenging remix contest. Prizes include a release on major digital platforms and quality plugins from Izotope and Plugin Alliance.

Ryder is considered a truly modern songstress of the new school music generation, having quickly risen above the noise with a star power and vocal ability reminiscent of divas like Bjork, Florence and Sia and demonstrating the reckless songwriting spirit of a young M.I.A. The current Ryder sound is a mixture of slow, floating melodies and soulful yet left-of-center and unapologetic lyrics; ear candy packed with endless introspection. Her quirky, eclectic style and unconventional voice have gained her a massive and dedicated following and recognition in a short time. With only a few releases out the gate, her forthcoming work is highly anticipated and hotly tipped for future endeavours.

The remix track is "Pretty Little Gangster", a soulful indie track reminiscent of a 4AM drive on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Make sure to submit your remix by Wednesday, July 5 for the chance to get pro feedback from Ryder. You can edit and resubmit your remix on SKIO until the last minute, so take the tips she gives you and make your remix even better!