Supar Novar Remix Contest


Mon, August 15, 2011  
Remix the track 'Here I Am' off Supar Novar's upcoming album 'No Favours.' The winning remix will be included on Supar Novar's next mixtape.


Supar Novar is London based rap artist who has been a member of the UK hip-hop scene for over ten years. He was first introduced to the scene by way of his crew F.L.I.P with the help of local Hip-Hop legend Skinnyman. In 1999 a support slot for Skinnyman’s group ‘The Mud Family’ lead to Novar becoming a member of the group and touring the UK with them at the age of sixteen. Since, Supar Novar has released seven singles and four mixtapes, whilst his debut album came out on Kemet Entertainment Records in 2006.

With a new album set for release next month, featuring guest appearances by N-Dubz and Neon Hitch as well as a joint album with the legend MCD, Supar Novar is ready to take his career to the next level. He's now having a remix contest for the track 'Here I Am.'

"This track is from my forthcoming album 'No Favours' due out on September the 1st. I am planning to drop a free mixtape also called 'Here I Am' as part of the promo for the album. I am looking for a remix of this song to be featured on that mixtape."