Vanity Theft Remix Contest Winners


Wed, August 03, 2011  
Great results! 124 entries and 20 remixes to be officially released - plus talk about vinyl to be pressed. Can't wish for more. Congrats to all prize winners and till we meet again.


We've got results. Here's the official statement by Josh Binder of Vigilante Music - spokesman of Vanity Theft and their label:

"First off we want to thank everyone who participated, this was a very difficult thing to judge since there were not only so many remixes, but so many good remixes. Additionally between the band, our producer and our friend from Houses getting some consensus took a minute because there was just so many great options. Another thing to add is that we have selected a top 20, and EVERYONE in the top 20 will have their remixes released and we will be getting them up online and available on Beatport and everywhere else you can grab an mp3. We will be contacting the winners and the remixers who made the top 20 for this, we are so excited about these remixes that we have decided to set up a release for a two volume remix release.

"Because of such a diversity of styles we narrowed the criteria down to a few simple requirements: Unique creativity, remixes that had something special, a unique vibe about them, basically something that stuck out to us as particularly creative. We tried to not use the formula of what was a good dance track as the only requirement. Another item was finding the remixes that struck a nice balance between being something of their own composition while not losing the musical and lyrical themes of the original."

So, here is the breakdown of the five best remixes:

1st Prize (Ableton Live 8) goes to the Anatomy (Amarta Project Poptronica Remix).

"This was an amazing remix, and had something very special and unique about it, mainly the groove was super funky and had a cool vibe. Kept mostly a nice musical groove through the whole thing that wasn't particularly in line with a dance track but really had a greet overall vibe and the keyboards and the groove were amazing. The glitch bits at the end were fun and didn't overrun the entire track, it felt nicely balanced with everything else, and just overall had a good groove to dance to and kept an awesome vibe

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