Remixcomp Winner Announcement


We're happy to announce the winners of the "Eddie the Gun - Don't Be Afraid" remix contest and see Camilla and her label comment on their favourites.


Admitted: it took a while, or maybe even longer. But we're happy to announce the winners of the "Eddie the Gun - Don't Be Afraid" remix contest. Camilla and her label have made up their minds and here's some personal feedback on their favourite remixes.

One of the remixes that they bounced around as a possible winner is Mark Ledson's Remix. "A total re-imagining of the choon into a big beat/d&b monster. It's like something out of a James Bond film. So many layers, twists and turns. The drums could have been a bit stronger...a bit more BOOM."

About Nugrej's 75bpm remix: "We really like this one, except waiting for the chord change to happen until the chorus made the verses not powerful - no drama. Tension is good but when it leaves you hanging too long, it feels stuck in no man's land for too long. This one could have been a lot stronger contender for #1."

Another of their favourites was Jony's Strobe Mix. "It's the 90's all over again. The chopped and screwed vox are fun and playful. The slowed down vocal break is cool, but felt like it wasn't executed 100%. GREAT idea but it didn't take me by surprise. There are some AMAZING ideas and elements to this mix, though. Really creative producer and I hope to hear more stuff from them."

Finally, they picked Aulden Brown & Ricky Maroni as the winners for the contest. "This is our favorite mix of the bunch. It's absolutely made for the dancefloor, and could work for big and small rooms alike. I feel like a couple of the elements of the samples could have been left out to

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