Sat, May 15, 2010  

In a posting in Epicenter - Eliot Van Buskirk has made a call to all readers to help create a song using Indaba Music. The platform he picked for this, Mantis - is Indaba's recently revamped, collaborative DAW console that allows musicians to collaborate on the same piece of music. We're not sure what Eliot has with Mantis (which he called "an online version of Pro Tools for musical collaboration," in an earlier Epicenter posting), but what the heck - crowdsourcing components for a song is a cool thing to do, so here are some things he said about it.

"Intentionally ignoring the lesson we should learn from the cacophony of comments sections, we hereby invite you to record your voice, electric guitar, iPad bagpipes or whatever else you can think of onto the song I created with Indaba staff."

To kick-off with something workable, Indaba Music’s Josh Robertson came up with the beat, Eliot himself laid down some bass lines over that - and Indaba Music's co-founder Dan Zaccagnino added guitar.

"Robertson isolated the best parts of my improvised melodies into loops, and taking into account a few of my production suggestions, arranged them with Zaccagnino’s guitar to create the basic framework of this song. One more pass with guitar, and we were good to go."

Anyone can submit, Eliot is 100% clear about that! "Even if the only musical instrument you have access to is your voice, you should be able to add your part to the song with nothing more than the mike in your laptop. And if you’re a more accomplished musician, please, give this a shot."

Once the crowdsurfing submissions are in, the results will be licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution - and Wired may even launch a remix contest to optimize the track.