Wed, August 03, 2011  

that held onto the key themes of the songs. Congratulations to the winner on a job well done. Also it wasn't terribly long, the remixer said everything that should have been said in the time of the track. Great keyboard parts!"

2nd Prize (D16 drum machine and effect of choice) goes to the Rattle Rattle (Hypnodrum Remix).

"We liked this remix a lot because it was a great straight ahead dance track and was just an all around killer remix that to us had a real classic progressive house vibe kinda reminiscent of old school prog house. Nice synth beds, a good beat that doesn't take the focus away from just having a groove for dancing. All around great club track. Nice builds and breakdowns."

3rd Prize (D16 drum machine and effect of choice) goes to the Limb From Limb (Grixis Remix).

"Although both of the Grixis remixes were great this one really stood out, the piano was a nice touch, the beat and the big stabbing bass/lead parts gave great support to the vocal melodies and was another all around creative use of the original tracks format. The chord structure and the parts really supported the vocals in a way that was quite different from the original song but uniquely complementing once laid out in the remix."

4th Place goes to the Trainwreck (Sonic Emblem Remix). "This was a fun track, really good energy and great use of the vocals. Also like the 1st prize winner, it had something unique about the overall feel and vibe of the track, didn't sacrifice too much groove for extra tricks."

Last but not least - Bit By Bit (Bitmud Remix). "This was a great interpretation, good use of the synth tracks and another great mid to down tempo groove that lets you get lost in the track without thinking too much about the mechanics of whats happening."

"Overall the idea for our judging these was if we (who know the songs really well) can listen and get lost in the remix, if we can forget about what we already knew about the songs to begin with. These remixes really gave these songs a new life and a new perspective and they stand on their own very well. All of the remixers who participated are amazingly talented and we want to thank everyone for entering the contest and working so hard. A lot of the ideas we've heard have given us a lot of new inspiration for our own writing and ways to approach being a sort of dance/rock band. We want to thank Laptoprockers, Ableton and D16 for

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