Wed, August 03, 2011  

sponsoring the contest. The remaining 15 of the top 20 not mentioned above were also outstanding remixes and we want to release and promote them, there is talk of even pressing some vinyl in the near future for some of the remixes.

"We want to leave the tracks up and eventually we will be moving the stem files up to our website so people can freely download them and upload remixes. This was a truly inspiring experience for us and once again we want to thank everyone who participated and encourage everyone to continually remix and post anywhere across the internet. We are still seeing some pop up on Twitter and YouTube all the time and its a great thing, we appreciate everyone helping to spread the music around.

"If you participated in the contest and you live in the US or Canada, come see us and find any one of us during the fall LadyKiller Tour starting in Mid August. Here is the listing, come say Hi!"

At Laptoprockers HQ, we had the job to pick the winner of the bonus prize (D16 drum machine and effect of choice) for the best mashup. The winner is Beautiful In Perfect for his Sink Your Teeth Mashup.

We would like to thank the band, their label and management and ofcourse everybody for submitting their heart's work. Great contest, with great results and 20 remixes to be officially released and talk about vinyl to be pressed. Can't wish for more!

We will contact all winners individually on how to obtain their prizes and how to get their remix released. Please allow for some time - it's holiday season ;)

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