In collaboration with Laptoprockers,
Empire State Human and Ninthwave Records offer an exclusive competition to remix the track "Melancholic Afro" featuring Wolfgang Flür, member of the classic '70s Kraftwerk line-up during the legendary Autobahn album and tour. The band still can't believe their luck.

Kraftwerk meets Human League?
"Wolfgang Flür created the backbeats and some catchy vocal lines for Melancholic Afro. Other than that it has a Prodigy feel, as well as a T-Rex feel, we think."

Empire State Human (Dublin, Ireland) formed in 1999 and play instrumental based electronic music with a retro-electro edge. Their music is a combination of analogue and digital synthesized sound, mixed with powerful rhythms and overlaid with strong pop vocal melodies.

Empire State Human just finished their sixth studio album "Audio Gothic", which will be released on CD in North America with Ninthwave Records next month.

Read all about the collaboration with Wolfgang and the new album in the interview here.

Prizes: There are some great prizes to win in this competition.
- makers of the best mastering plug-in around, filled the prize pool with three great download prizes for you to win!

1st: Mastering plugin Ozone 4
2nd: pHATmatik PRO Slice and loop!
3rd: Virtual drum machine iDrum

All three winners will also receive a copy of the "Melancholic Afro" CD album personally signed by Wolfgang Flür.

Last but not least, Ninthwave Records may release a digital remix EP with the best "Melancholic Afro" remixes that got in.

To get this EP up at iTunes they need four or five stunning remixes! So, it's actually up to you now.
Style: Make us Rock. Make us Dance. Make us Cry. Anything goes! As long as you make it Krafty ;)

Rules: By entering this contest you agree to these terms:
- Only one entry per person aged 13+.
- Samples and material used in remixes must not violate any laws or third party rights.
- All remixes will be property of Ninthwave Records and any commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent.
- Purely non-commercial use of remixes is allowed.
- If your remix is selected for the EP you must be prepared to enter a separate agreement under which your remix will be released.
- Terms and other contest info are subject to change and may be amended.
Remix Contest: Kraftwerk Meets Human League
Judges: Empire State Human will choose the winning remix.

Second prize: All remixes will be put up for voting. Contestants can cast one vote by email using the same mail address they submitted their remix with. Voting starts when the submission deadline has been reached. Details to be announced.

Third prize winner will be picked by Laptoprockers. If the remix EP becomes a reality Ninthwave Records will decide which remixes will be included.

Play "Melancholic Afro":

Download: By downloading the remix kit you enter the contest and agree to be bound by its terms and the judges' decisions. You can download the multitracks here.
Submit: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  your remix contest entry to eshremix(at)gmail(dot)com no later than March 1, 2009.

You must include your artist name and full real name in this email and send an MP3 (max. filesize 15MB) or a download link. Don't forget to include your name in the MP3 filename too!

Invalid or incomplete entries will be disqualified.

Start date: January 15, 2009
End date: March 01, 2009


javier writes:
remix contest

Posted on August 11, 2011 / 07:26 pm

Origami DJ writes:
Congrats to all the winners! This was a really fun remix to take part in. Thanks Laptoprockers, ESH, Ninthwave Records, Wolfgang Flür, and all the remixers. See you all in future contests!

Posted on April 02, 2009 / 03:54 am

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