G-Stomper Android Groovebox


Mon, August 22, 2011  
Inspired by the Korg Electribe series, G-Stomper is a stepsequencer for the Android platform specially designed for live performances.


G-Stomper is a stepsequencer for the Android platform inspired by the Korg Electribe series, and equiped with a chainable 3 effect processor rack with 17 differents effects to choose from.

Featuring an 11-track drum machine/groovebox, the stepsequencer's maximum pattern length is 128 steps. Supported beat types are 16th and 32th notes as well a 8th and 16th triplets. You can set the last step anywhere you like to create asynchronous beats and add shuffle/swing on a pattern. Tempo can be set between 60 and 200 bpm. Specially designed for live performance, you can record your live session on the fly.

For longer compositions, you can create pattern sets that can contain max. 16 patterns, which can be switched by tapping one of the 16 pattern slot buttons. If the sequencer is running, a pattern change stays pending until the currently playing pattern has finished. Pattern changes of any kind (also when loading patterns) are always beat safe. Furthermore you can chain up to 99 pattern changes to a song. Just hit record and all your live pattern changes will be recorded to the song. Patterns and songs can be exported as uncompressed PCM 16bit 44.1kHz Stereo WAV audio files.

The full version comes with the following drum kits: 909, S09, 808, 707, 606/CR8000, 505, RZ-1, electro and rock - plus a small collection of vocals, synth fx, and bass sounds. The demo version lets you play around with the 909 and electro kit for free.

You can checkout the video tutorials and detailed specs from the link below.