Best Free Soundshaping VST plugins (01)


They may not be new plugins, but just useful stuff I stumbled upon when googling something like "free bonemasher bitcrusher."


Okay, let's admit it. I do have a modest arsenal of great sounding plugins from top notch developers such as iZotope, Waves and Soundtoys. And I do love each one them for what they can do to my sound. But still at times you're looking for something else. Time for experimentation! Don't we all love doing that now and then? And don't we all love the fact that there are so many great freebies available from their generous developers? Shouldn't we honour them and be grateful? The downside may be a plugin folder that looks bit like a graveyard, polluted with stuff you've only tried once and then forgot about. Well, such is live. Memories, at least mine, seem saturated with lost bits and pieces anyhow. Sour and sweet ones!

So I'd like to share some of the more sweet VST encounters I have enjoyed the past year or so. They may not be new plugins, but just useful stuff I stumbled upon when Googling something like "free bonemasher bitcrusher", which in most cases don't bring what you were looking for. Anyway, I'm going to feature only one plugin at the time (or more if from the same developer) and they need be 64 bit. That's about it.

So here we go. The first developer I'd like to honour and thank for their great free plug-ins is Ignite Amps. As there are a whole bunch of them, I'm not going to describe their individual functionality. But I particulary enjoyed their tube amplifiers and pre-amps. Don't expect these to instantly have a major impact on your sound. On the contrary. I love them for the subtle changes and warmth they can invoke on a recording if you allow yourself to spend some time with these babies. Just follow the link below and scroll down to see what they have.

Thank you Ignite Amps!